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Excursión privada de café desde Salento al Valle del Cocora y Ocaso

desde $ 121.180
Aprenda sobre la cultura del café colombiano en una finca de café con la arquitectura tradicional, donde la excelencia y el cuidado del medioambiente es su princip ...

Duración: 9 horas
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4 Días en zonas cafeteras: Valle de Cocora, Salento, Coffee, Filandia, aguas termales

desde $ 555.530
Esta excursión de 4 días incluye 5 experiencias en el eje cafetero que no debería perderse. Comprende una aventura por el bosque de palmas de cera del Valle de Co ...

Duración: 4 días

Pereira to Cocora Valley, Salento Day Tour with Coffee Tasting

desde $ 130.670
Aroma and exquisiteness of best mild coffee in the world.
Find out the secrets of specialty coffees, from origin to revelation.
Learning and advices received ...

Duración: 8 hours
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Horseback Riding Adventures

desde $ 40.150
Come back in time with us and experience Colombia the traditional way. We will take you on some stunning routes and show you why Colombia is so special that we decid ...

Duración: 3 hours

Traditional Coffee Tour

desde $ 5.110
Guided by our experts. You will experience the whole process of coffee production in the same way our ancestors have been doing it for many centuries. You will reali ...

Duración: 70 to 90 minutes

Cloud Forest Tour

desde $ 8.760
With our tour you will get a basic understanding of Colombian Ecosystems in general. how unique our thermic floor is and the relationship between our history and the ...

Duración: 2 hours

Permaculture and tradicional Coffee Tour at Momota Salento

desde $ 7.300
“There are two options to picnicking under Wax Palm Trees, one is in Cocora Valley and another is in FINCA MOMOTA.”
Enjoy a two hour walking tour in 1,5 hecta ...

Duración: 2 hours

3-Day Colombian Coffee Region from Pereira

desde $ 477.420
Would you like to experience the highlights of the coffee region of Colombia? With this visit you stay at a great Finca and you will visit the highlights Valle de Co ...

Duración: 3 days

Wax Palms, Salento and Coffee Tour from Salento or Pereira

desde $ 127.020
The best way to uncover the Coffee Cultural Landscape is to connect with it, to experience the culture, nature and the many colors and shapes of the towns within. In ...

Duración: 7 to 8 hours
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Cocora Hiking Waterfalls, from Salento or Pereira

desde $ 119.720
This is a 12 kilometers Hiking up "La Montaña" Ranger station, travelers can expect learning about the nature while tasting, feeling and smelling and watching diffe ...

Duración: 6 to 7 hours
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Pereira to Otun Quimbaya's Flora and Fauna Sanctuary Day Trip

desde $ 99.280
The Otún Quimbaya wildlife sanctuary has been recognized for 4 consecutive years as one of the 100 most important green destinations on the planet. Visit this sub A ...

Duración: 6 to 8 hours

Chocolate Tour and tropical Fruits

desde $ 150.380
Let's know one of the best villages on Risaralda in a place where you can find the one of the best  experiences about chocolate walking by the mountains in ancient ...

Duración: 6 to 9 hours

Pereira to Filandia and Natural Reserve Day Trip with Hike

desde $ 148.190
Enjoy a day trip to Filandia a charming village that has managed to preserve the magic of a bygone colonial era and its surrounding exuberant nature. You will walk t ...

Duración: 8 hours

Los Nevados National Park 3-day hike from Salento

desde $ 373.030
Experience the Andean thermal floors, get to know the Paramo ecosystem and, the marvels of tropical glaciers in this astonishing 3-day hike in the Colombian Coffee ...

Duración: 3 days

El sendero del Cacique (Nature Bike tour)

desde $ 52.560
during the tour you could enjoy the different landscapes in the central andes Mountains, challenging the hills, shared with local people traditions and some stories ...

Duración: 6 hours

5-Waterfalls to Cocora Valley & Salento

desde $ 119.720
This is a new way to travel Cocora and Salento, while you visit different spots with stunning Waterfalls you would learn about the Fauna & Flora native from the clou ...

Duración: 6 to 7 hours

Coffee Zone 2 Day Plan #3: Wax Palms, Salento, Coffee, Thermal Springs, Filandia

desde $ 347.480
This 2 Day Tour Plan includes 4 locations and 5 experiences in the Zona Cafetera we think you should not miss. Containing an adventure through the Wax Palm Forrest o ...

Duración: 2 days

Howler Monkeys & Birds Hiking Gallery Forest

desde $ 27.740
Hike the gallery forest full of wildlife (Monkeys, Birds, Dragonflies, Butterflies, Millipedes, discover what else), meet the Guadua (indigenous Bamboo). Enjoy a fre ...

Duración: 3 hours

Coffee Tour and Antique Photography

desde $ 16.060
This tour is unique as it includes an artistic photographic component. You will come with me to visit the farm, get to know all the process from seed to cup, taste o ...

Duración: 4 hours

Panaca Admission Ticket

desde $ 29.200
Panaca is one of the most visited attractions in the Coffee Region. This theme park has entertainment for the whole family. Here you'll not only enjoy the marvelous ...

Duración: 1 day

Full day coffee farm experience at Finca El Ocaso from Salento

desde $ 59.130
Colombia's Coffee Region is recognized for its strong coffee-growing tradition, colorful and ornamented architecture, and rich biodiversity. During this visit, you'l ...

Duración: 4 hours

Coffee Tour -Pereira Coffee culture

desde $ 42.340
Just a few minutes away from the city of Pereira, you will visit an authentic coffe farm, where its owners express the passion for producing, roasting and preparing ...

Duración: 4 hours

2-Day Coffee Region Private Tour From Pereira or Armenia

desde $ 223.380
1. Nature lover? Keep in touch with nature staying in a traditional coffee farm century-old of built and learn all about the central andes biodiversity.

2. Co ...

Duración: 2 days

Quindio's Magical Towns

desde $ 181.770
Visit the colorful, charming towns of Quindío that will captivate you with their picturesque facades, gentle rhythm, exquisite coffee, friendly people, and mesmeriz ...

Duración: 9 hours

5 Days Colombian Coffee Culture, Cocora Valley, Salento, Filandia and Much More

desde $ 832.930
This 5 day adventure into the Colombian Coffee Zone will provide you with breathtaking views, unbelievable tranquility, colorful buildings, stone roads, surreal sett ...

Duración: 5 days

Full day coffee farm experience at Hacienda San Alberto from Salento

desde $ 120.450
"Visit the headquarters of Colombia's most awarded coffee at Buenavista, walking among its coffee plantation and the steep hills of the Coffee Region while you learn ...

Duración: 5 hours


desde $ 197.100
They can know how is the authentic coffee process in a small farm near to the city the first and to the second day, they will have all the highlights about coffee cu ...

Duración: 2 days

Coffee Zone 2 Day Plan #2: Hiking Acaime and Bird Watching

desde $ 219.730
This 2 Day plan of the Zona Cafetera is not for the light-hearted, as it includes a 6 hour hike through the Acaime Ranges, including the Wax Palm Forrest of the Coco ...

Duración: 2 days

Cerro Machin from Salento

desde $ 269.370
This is not just an adventure in a 4x4 into the Colombian wilderness. this is an adventure where you will be hiking through some pretty tough locations. But it will ...

Duración: 13 hours

Coffee Tour at Hacienda Venecia near Salento

desde $ 135.050
Visit Hacienda Venecia in this completely private tour and learn about the origin, history, different species, growing, harvesting, production, and processing of the ...

Duración: 5 hours

Carbonera - Tochecito, Experience among Giant Palms

desde $ 54.750
A magical place that conserves a great biodiversity like the wax palm and yellow-ear parrots.
More than 600.000 palms in their natural habitat
More wax palms, ...

Duración: 6 to 7 hours

Birds, Wax Palms and Coffee Tour from Pereira or Salento

desde $ 105.850
Different atributes compose the Coffee Cultural Landscape. Nature, Culture and of course coffee, makes this region an unforgettable experience and the best in just t ...

Duración: 6 to 7 hours

Daily Santa Rita's bike tour

desde $ 29.930
We mix the bike the hike and history indigenous culture, also the nature and explanation of all the highlight on the road

Duración: 4 to 5 hours

Santa Isabel mountain for begginers

desde $ 335.800
In true expeditionary style, these 3 days take you across the Los Nevados National Park, from the famous Cocora valley to the mountain city of Manizales. We immerse ...

Duración: 3 days

Salento to Medellin One-Way Transfer

desde $ 14.600
You will start your day by travelling towards the thermal baths of Santa Rosa de Cabal where you will witness sweeping landscapes found across the coffee region. 
Duración: 1 day

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