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Glimpses of Bhutan - 4 Days Tour

desde $ 708.830
This tour explores all of the highlights of Bhutan’s western valleys, and is ideal for those with a limited time frame.

Discover some of the most sacred Bud ...

Duración: 4 days

4 Nights 5 Days Bhutan at a Glance Tour

desde $ 1.019.810
Purely Buddhist Himalayan Kingdom has unsurpassed scenic majesty and vibrant culture. The kingdom is still regarded as one of the last Shangrl-la’s in the Himalaya ...

Duración: 5 days

6 Nights Bhutan Hiking & Cultural Tour

desde $ 1.391.380
Bhutan hiking and cultural tour commences with a scenic flight that flies you over the beautiful Himalayas and lands at the Paro International airport in central Bhu ...

Duración: 7 days

Explore Bhutan with Treks, hikes and cultural visits

desde $ 2.256.430
This trip is the one to take if you want to truly experience the raw essence of Bhutan. You will forget the rest of the world on this one-of-a-kind tour that will su ...

Duración: 10 days

3 Days Bumthang Owl Camping Trek in Bhutan

desde $ 884.030
Fancy an intimate contact with the adorable animals along your trek? Well, you can always consider to put the Bumthang Owl Trek on your alternative travel list. The ...

Duración: 3 days

Tourism service/ Hospitality

desde $ 1.791.420
Drawing up itenery that suits the taste of tourist with their consultation. Include activities that is worth remembering and adventurous

Duración: 7 days 12 hours

Glimps of bhutan

desde $ 148.920
This tour will make sure you experience what is real bhutan even though you have very less and limited time in bhutan.
It will take you to the wide range in weste ...

Duración: 1 to 20 days

Bhutan Cultural Tour - 5 days

desde $ 821.250
Bhutan Cultural Tour is one of the most impressive and we the Incredible Himalayan Sherpa Adventure would be delighted to help you to explore in this impressive regi ...

Duración: 5 days

10Days Bhutan Druk Path Trek

desde $ 1.903.110
- Enjoy Druk Path trek with beautiful lake in Bhutan
- Experience Nature & culture of Bhutan a Himalaya Kingdom
- Enjoy close view of Himalaya, fresh air & ple ...

Duración: 10 days

Greetings from Bhutan Expert travels land of Happiness! This is where Happiness

desde $ 736.570
Greetings from Bhutan Expert Travels-Your travel Expert and guide to Bhutan, The land of Happiness! This is where Happiness is a place with mysterious myths and lege ...

Duración: 9 to 10 days

National Adventure tour Treks

desde $ 186.880
Tour Overview of the Glimpse of Bhutan

    Day 01: Arrive Paro International Airport

  Day 02: Paro - Thimphu

  Day 03: Thimphu - Paro < ...

Duración: 6 to 14 days

Bhutan Walking Holidays with Bumdra Camping.

desde $ 2.198.760
This tour has as much focus on cultural sites as it does on natural wonders, but with plenty of hiking thrown into the mix. By walking to some of the country’s mos ...

Duración: 9 days

Scenic Bhutan Guided Multi-Day Tour with Airport Pickup

desde $ 2.276.140
Explore the wonderfully diverse environment of Bhutan’s western valleys as well as their cultural heritage in a guided multi-day tour.

During this 11-day t ...

Duración: 11 days

8Days Scenic Bhutan via Kathmandu Nepal

desde $ 1.250.490
- Experience view of the Mt Everest in Nepal
- Experience  culture of Bhutan a Himalaya Kingdom
- Enjoy close view of Himalaya, fresh air & plenty of open spa ...

Duración: 3 days

6 Nights Bhutan Private Hiking Tour

desde $ 1.271.660
Walking and Hiking Holiday in Bhutan is witnessing Bhutan’s natural beauty and the majestic snow-capped mountains views by means of day hiking around Paro, Thimphu ...

Duración: 7 days

Bhutan Flora Tour

desde $ 177.390
This tour is guided by a master botanist. The tour is kept broadly and depending on the season there could be changes to this itinerary.

An astonishing array ...

Duración: 9 days

Bhutan Cultural Tour with Day Hikes

desde $ 2.018.450
This tour combines cultural highlights with some of the good day hikes in Bhutan. Exploring on foot is more magical than skimming over the places from your car. As y ...

Duración: 9 days

Bhutan-The Kingdom in the Sky ( 12 Nights 13 Days )

desde $ 2.724.360
Bhutan’s mountainous terrain offers a fascinating adventure for cycling enthusiasts.The route is accompanied by mixed forests, pastureland, rich meadows and valley ...

Duración: 13 days

6 days Bhutan Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek

desde $ 1.395.760
The route that we will pass through is particularly rich in bird species, alpine flowers and attractive meadows. The tour also visits the green lush valley of colorf ...

Duración: 6 days

Thimphu City Tour (Full Day)

desde $ 70.810
Thimphu is not just the average capital city one usually expects this part of the world. Apart from the unique combination of the ancient and the modern, Thimphu abo ...

Duración: 5 to 8 hours

Western Bhutan Tour

desde $ 186.880
This trip is one of its kinds designed to offer you an exhilarating Bhutan experience in the western flank of Paro,Punakha, Phobjikha, and Thimphu, and a whole lot o ...

Duración: 8 days

Punakha Dzong

desde $ 186.880
The majestic Punakha Dzong lies at the confluence of two of the country’s most significant rivers, the Pho Chhu (Male River) and Mo Chhu (Female River) and is the ...

Duración: 3 hours

7 Days Thimphu Paro Punakha - Bhutan Culture Tour

desde $ 1.522.780
The Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan "known as the peaceful Dragon country" is slowly emerging from centuries of self imposed isolation, this makes Bhutan a truly unique ...

Duración: 7 days

6-Day Tour of Dragon Kingdom From Paro

desde $ 1.157.050
This cultural tour through the mystical Western valleys of Bhutan is an ideal introduction to the Dragon Kingdom. Experience Bhutanese hospitality, admire the ever-c ...

Duración: 6 days

07Days Best of Bhutan

desde $ 1.222.020
- Experience Nature & culture of Bhutan a Himalaya Kingdom
- Enjoy close view of Himalaya, fresh air & plenty of open space 
- Witness Bhutanese festival (Lam ...

Duración: 7 days

Tours Services

desde $ 186.880
Its mandatory and convenient, contributes to social and protection of the site. Most places are free expect for few such fees are introduced.

Duración: 45 to 60 minutes

Drukpath trek - 9 days in Bhutan

desde $ 1.418.390
Its a great opportunity to experience the tradition and culture and the wilderness in Bhutan. You will leave with fond memories.

Duración: 9 days

Photography Tour in Thimphu and Dochula Pass

desde $ 78.110
This one day trip will take you on a photography tour through the valleys of Thimphu, Punakha and Wangdue. You just might be a click away from your masterpiece or ma ...

Duración: 4 to 9 hours

5-day Private Bhutan Tour: Paro, Thimphu, and Punakha

desde $ 989.880
Bhutan awaits those seeking a pampered getaway with the promise of discovery as the country has had many cultural & religious wonders. Bhutan promises to charm yo ...

Duración: 5 days

Stray Asia: 10 Day Bhutan Explorer Tour

desde $ 2.123.570
Come with us on a 10-day small group adventure tour through the mysterious land of the Thunder Dragon, Bhutan. Starting and finishing in Paro, we'll take you further ...

Duración: 10 days

3 Days Bumthang Owl Camping Trek (Bhutan Short Hike)

desde $ 947.540
The Bunthang Owl Trek lies in the broad Bumthang Valley which is considered as the area of Choekhor Valley, one of the four stunning valleys in Bhuthang District (Ot ...

Duración: 3 days

Bhutan Tour Package

desde $ 704.450
Uncover the land of hidden kingdom nestled between China and Indian on a 4 Day tour. Exploring the unique lifestyle of Bhutanese people and culture. Hiking to one of ...

Duración: 4 days

7 Day Enchanting Bhutan Tours

desde $ 1.157.780
This 7 Day Enchanting Bhutan is a popular cultural tour through the mystical Western valleys of Bhutan. It is an ideal introduction to the Dragon Kingdom of Bhutan. ...

Duración: 7 days

Feeling Bhutan- Private personalized tour of the capital city Thimphu

desde $ 37.230
Get an insight into bhutan through my personalized tour of the city. Learn about bhutan and my homland through my experiences. Giving you a personalized tour of thim ...

Duración: 4 to 8 hours

Tours and Treks in Bhutan

desde $ 186.880
This festivity depicts how Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel protected the unique treasure (Rangjung Khasarpani) from the Tibetan forces in the 17th century.

Duración: 8 days

Best of Bhutan Tours

desde $ 1.530.080
This package is highly popular with tourists all around the world. Within a week, Buddy Up Travel will help you immerse in the Bhutanese world and enjoy some of th ...

Duración: 7 days

Bhutan Tour With Gangtey Trongsa Extension

desde $ 1.477.520
Bhutan Tour with Gangtey/Trongsa Extension explores the historical landmarks and religious monasteries of Bhutan. Tour around the tiny capital –Thimphu and stopove ...

Duración: 8 days

The Glimpse Of Bhutan Tour - 5 Days

desde $ 2.164.450
Except for India, Bangladesh, and the Maldives, visitors from all country need Bhutan

All other tourists must get a visa clearance before thei ...

Duración: 2 days

10Days Bhutan Travel Plan

desde $ 1.800.910
- Experience Nature & culture of Bhutan a Himalaya Kingdom
- Enjoy close view of Himalaya, fresh air & plenty of open space 
- Witness Bhutanese festival (Lam ...

Duración: 10 days

Momentary Travel to Bhutan

desde $ 600.790
The Product best gives the overview of true Bhutan within 4 nights and 5 days.
Visit of National heritage and Monuments which tells the Legendary tale and enjoy t ...

Duración: 5 days

Be a Local in Thimphu

desde $ 21.900
It is an approximately 5km hike to the Phajoding with the trail following a ridge before climbing up another mountain. Needless to say, it affords a great view of th ...

Duración: 5 to 6 hours

Bycycling Bhutan

desde $ 2.363.010
The bicycling in Bhutan would thrill and put sweaty adrenaline rush climbing up the tolerable highway, and while mounting down, the cool air would breeze through the ...

Duración: 10 days

Bhutan: A Living Shangrila

desde $ 1.926.470
Bhutan: A living Shangrila is an indulging itinerary offering experiences ranging from cultural sightseeing, spiritual mystery to adventure and nature. This carefull ...

Duración: 8 days

Bhutan Walking Holidays - Beyond the Clouds

desde $ 1.851.280
Paro, Thimphu & Punakha Circuit Tour is the round trip starting and ending in Paro and all about getting acquainted with some amazing places in Bhutan has to offer. ...

Duración: 9 days

6 days Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek in Bhutan

desde $ 1.186.250
Dragala trek is the only short trek in Bhutan which offers the view of all the high mountain peaks of Bhutan including the world’s third highest peak, Mt. Kanchenj ...

Duración: 6 days

Short Tour to Explore Beauty of Bhutan

desde $ 913.960
Short Tour to Explore Beauty of Bhutan is best option for explore Bhutan's beauty in 4 days. Famous for majestic cultural and natural landmarks in Paro,and Thimpu. P ...

Duración: 4 days

Day Hick to Tiger's Nest

desde $ 195.640
3 day tour mainly customized for the people who don't have time to stay longer period in their journey but they love to visit the country.  This customized tour tha ...

Duración: 3 days

Gate Way to Bhutan

desde $ 191.260
This tour is guided by a master botanist. The tour is kept broadly and depending on the season there could be changes to this itinerary.

An astonishing array ...

Duración: 5 days

Bhutan Pilgrimage Tour

desde $ 195.640
Take a close view of the great Himalayas by opting for a 12 days pilgrimage tour to Bhutan. This customized tour that we offer covers the major destinations like Par ...

Duración: 12 days

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