Torre Eiffel: Evite las colas con entrada a la planta superior
  • Torre Eiffel: Evite las colas con entrada a la planta superior

    Evite problemas y entre a la Torre Eiffel sin hacer colas. En el segundo piso cambie de ascensor y, después de un corto paseo en ascensor, disfrute con la impresionante vista del último piso. Este es el lugar más alto de París y la vista desde allí es impresionante, no se pierda esta oportunidad.

    Este es un itinerario habitual de este producto

    Para en: Torre Eiffel, 5 Avenue Anatole France, 75007 París Francia

    Entrada a la parte superior de la Torre Eiffel incluida

    Duración: 1 hora 30 minutos

    Informacion Adicional
    "La confirmación se recibirá en el momento en que se realice la reserva"
    "Accesible en silla de ruedas"
    "Tenga en cuenta que no puede recibir sus boletos por adelantado"
    "La Torre Eiffel es un monumento para no fumadores."
    "Tenga en cuenta que debe cumplir con las pautas de seguridad de la Torre Eiffel"
    "Incluso con un boleto sin colas de la Torre Eiffel, puede haber demoras en el punto de control de seguridad y en el elevador"
    "Esta no es una visita guiada. Su anfitrión lo acompañará hasta el escaneo de boletos, y usted hará su propio camino hasta la cumbre"
    "El acceso sin colas es solo para el piso 2; la cumbre será solo acceso estándar"
    "En la rara ocasión en que la cumbre está cerrada al público en general, por razones de mantenimiento o seguridad, NO HAY REEMBOLSO"
    "Se permiten carriolas, mochilas y maletas (tamaño de equipaje de cabina) dentro de la Torre Eiffel"
    "El código de vestimenta es casual"
    "El punto de encuentro está fuera de la Torre Eiffel. Por favor no vayas directamente a la torre"
    "La silla de ruedas es accesible solo hasta el segundo piso."
    "Se pueden llevar coches de bebés"
    "Hay transporte público cerca"
    "El transporte está adaptado para personas en silla de ruedas"
    "La mayoría de viajeros pueden participar en la experiencia"
    "En esta excursión o actividad habrá 15 viajeros como máximo"

    • Lugar de comienzo: 21 Avenue de la Bourdonnais, 75007 Paris, Francia

    • Duración: 1 hora 30 minutos
    • Cancelaciones y devoluciones: Todas las ventas son definitivas, y en caso de cancelación se cargará el 100% del importe.
  • Incluye

    • Acceso al 1er piso, 2do piso y cumbre.
    • Orientación práctica
    • Entrada - Eiffel Tower

    No Incluye

    • Propinas
  • 7/10

    Recomendación de los pasajeros 70%
    Rating basado en 31 Críticas verificadas

    Nuestros clientes

    • Bridgette C
      Publicado el Lunes, 18 de noviembre del 2019

      Well worth it! Guide was informative and we went all the way up to the summit with really no wait time except for going they security! It was awesome it started snowing while we were up there, had champagne and they view was awesome! Then we sent down to the 2nd floor bought some souvenirs and took pics then the best part was taking the stairs all the way down really gave you the true experience.

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Chris F
      Publicado el Lunes, 18 de noviembre del 2019

      The escort was very knowledgeable of the tower and best ways to experience the tower. The views are incredible

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • jwilliamclark
      Publicado el Miércoles, 23 de octubre del 2019

      It was raining that morning so skip the line was well worth it. Got us in and to the third level with out a hitch. Amazing views Don't miss

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • tjr720
      Publicado el Lunes, 14 de octubre del 2019

      We visited the Tower late afternoon and it was the perfect time. The view is spectacular and you get an amazing look at the City as the sun sets and then the Tower lights up.

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Greg B
      Publicado el Lunes, 29 de julio del 2019

      We arrived at meeting spot as described. She, Adia, completely answered all questions and told us what lines to take. Only 60 minutes from meet till top just in time for sunset on our honeymoon!

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Cynthia K
      Publicado el Miércoles, 24 de abril del 2019

      The tour guide was very knowledgeable about the history of the Eiffel Tower. She brought us through security to the special entrance for these tickets. Was on the elevator to the 2nd floor observation deck in no time. Have to walk up stairs to get to the 3rd floor observation deck. Just amazing views of Paris from all directions!

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Kalinga Y
      Publicado el Miércoles, 24 de octubre del 2018

      Amazing experience.

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Diana P
      Publicado el Martes, 14 de agosto del 2018

      The time from meeting our guide to standing on top of the tower was 1 hour! Some people probably wait that long to get through security! If you want to see the Eiffel Tower, this is the only way to do it!

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Elaine W
      Publicado el Domingo, 29 de julio del 2018

      It was very nice not to have to go the ticketing line. Also, when there, the ticketing line had sold out of summit entrance tickets, so it was great having these already. We did have to stand in line for the summit, but I must say, we met a very nice French lady and her daughter who were also going to the top! There were beautiful views. Weather was great! Believe it or not, when we got to the top it wasn't even crowded. My husband and I recommend this!

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Mary B
      Publicado el Jueves, 12 de julio del 2018

      At the tour guide she explained all the different levels and how we would be maneuvering between those levels walked to the entrance for skip a line and made sure we all understood how to get to the top level the second level and the first level made our maneuvering through the Eiffel Tower easier and we felt much more confident we knew what we were doing and where we were going

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Gary S
      Publicado el Jueves, 12 de julio del 2018

      We had some difficulties with the time which was supposed to be in the morning. We waited most of the day and we were finally accommodated around 5:30 in the afternoon. Kudos to the staff to make that happen. It was well worth it. My favorite part of the trip.

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Molly H
      Publicado el Lunes, 09 de julio del 2018

      My husband and I had been touring Europe and ended our time with five days in Paris. We had scheduled this experience for our the last day of our trip, and it definitely was a fantastic way to skip the lines of people waiting to explore the magnificent structure that is the Eiffel Tower. We had a sunny day and spent over four hours there.

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • jon
      Publicado el Lunes, 09 de julio del 2018

      It is well worth getting the skip the line tickets. We watched lines snaking below us after having toured the eiffel tour and eating lunch. It would be helpful if the directions with regard to where to meet the ticket provider/tour guide were a bit more clear. Specifically it would be helpful to clarify that the meeting site is not on the grounds of the eiffel tour itself. It should be obvious but making it more explicit would be an improvement.

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Joel G
      Publicado el Lunes, 11 de junio del 2018

      Our guide was friendly and met us at the correct time. She took us through security and helped pick one of the four entrances to use that seemed the least busy. On a busier day, this service would probably be even more valuable. However, whether you use a guide to skip the line or not, I definitely recommend a visit to the summit. It was raining when we were there and I still highly recommend it.

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Gines M
      Publicado el Martes, 06 de marzo del 2018

      This was a very good experience. Even though our guide was some what late her preview to the tower was excellent. Don't miss it!

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • dilj8138
      Publicado el Miércoles, 03 de julio del 2019

      Tour operator provided a brief overview of the history of the Eiffel Tower and brought us to the skip the line entrance. The view from the tower spoke for itself. Lines for the elevator very long! Be aware there are entrances to the elevators from both sides of the tower.

        Calificación General: 8/10
    • Nadia L
      Publicado el Domingo, 12 de agosto del 2018

      It was very inconvenient not to know what time our ticket was for until late the night before. And why was it necessary to meet the Viator rep at a restaurant blocks away from the Eiffel Tower just to walk as a group there? What they don't tell you is that you skip one line to wait in another. So yes we waited and the view from the Summit was memorable.

        Calificación General: 8/10
    • nora.padura
      Publicado el Jueves, 09 de agosto del 2018

      Make sure you understand that you are paying a whole lot of money to be able to reserve a spot to the summit months in advance. This ticket is non-refundable, so, I was disappointed to learn that there was no guide, just a hassle-free ticket redemption process that you are not given a time for until 24 hours before your event date. That being said our ticket provider, Claire, was lovely, and she provided us wtih some interesting fun facts as we made our way over to the very hectic area of the base of the Eiffel Tower. This is a hot ticket item, and because there are only so many hours in a day, and a finite number of people that fit in that elevator that takes you all the way to the top, I understand the challenge. However, due to a misunderstanding and missed communication at the time I booked, I was under the impression that for the money being paid, there would be a tour guide. This ticket did not have a tour, only a person that met you outside the Eiffel Tower, gave you your tickets, and walked you over to the tower. That was not clear to me at the time of my purchase.

        Calificación General: 8/10
    • Steve S
      Publicado el Viernes, 21 de septiembre del 2018

      4.5 stars for the Eiffel Tower. It would be 5 starts except for all the chain link fences and dirt floor plaza under the tower.

      ZERO stars for the guide and service. We were supposed to get notice by email of the time to meet the day before the scheduled day. It never happened. The phone number given was full of voice messages. No 2 pages on the website contained all the information. By pure luck I found the meeting spot address. We showed up at 8:50am as the website said tours from 9am - 11pm. We got lucky and found a confused guide with 3 other families, all of which did not receive confirmations either. We all just showed up. Somehow he had 3 families on his list. We were walked over the the Eiffel tower, told to wait 3 different times in different spots, he finally comes back, gives us tickets and tell us to go up. The family from Australia who was not on his list did not get tickets. Not sure if they ever got them. Then, the guide disappears and we never see him again. No history, no tour, nothing. While at the top of the Eiffel Tower I get an email saying We cannot accommodate your tickets and your Eiffel Tower tour is cancelled. WOW!

      Once on the 2nd level my wife, children and I had a wonderful time. The views are amazingly breathtaking. I took my 2 kids to the summit. The glass window elevator ride made me nervous and clutch my kids jackets as we stood near the door. Once up top it was amazing but I would imagine everyone was experiencing a little anxiousness as we were. My kids loved looking at the compass with the size comparisons to other skyscraping monuments around the world. We spent a about 45 minutes at the summit. IF my wife would have braved the assent we would have shared a glass of champagne. The experience of The Tower, magnificent. The tour, never again.

        Calificación General: 6/10
    • Dinorah S
      Publicado el Martes, 10 de julio del 2018

      The walk from our meeting place was very decent. Once we reached the site we went right into the security check up to the elevator line. There we waited a little. I wish at this time our guide could have provided dialogue about the tower, instead she assumed we did not want to hear stuff about it, that is what she said, “I’m sure you don’t want to be bored with me talking about it.” That is when some of us corrected her and so she started to tell us some things about the Tower. So just a suggestion; don’t assume. Once in the elevator we were on our own. Another thing, in order to hear the guide we had to be in front of the line where she was. The people on the back were not able to hear her directions, and she would not go to the back to make sure everyone heard. An average experience.

        Calificación General: 6/10
    • Daniel L
      Publicado el Viernes, 24 de agosto del 2018

      Not really a skip-the-line. After 20 minutes waiting at security we joined another queue for the summit. After around 30-40 minutes in that line we were turned away and told we wouldn't be able to access the summit.

      Was a present for my girlfriend's birthday and we're both extremely disappointed. I did NOT get what i paid for.

        Calificación General: 4/10
    • PBNNP
      Publicado el Viernes, 05 de julio del 2019

      I have been a fan of Viator and it’s tours over many years. I have never had a problem until the June 4th tour. I purposely booked this tour for its time at 3:30 to allow my family of 3 sightseeing and lunch prior to the Eiffel tour.
      At 1:50 pm that day I received a cell phone call saying that our tour time had been changed to 1:30 and that if we did not come right away that we would be “no shows”. We had just been served a large meal at a restaurant that I was not going to forfeit.
      The tour representative that I spoke to said they had sent an email notifying me of the time change, however my WiFi coverage was horrible while traveling.
      I feel it is wrong to change a time when I had been booking tours for several months in advance.
      I had several other tours in Paris,Versailles and Rome that were fine.
      Paula Bomar

        Calificación General: 2/10
    • richardmecom
      Publicado el Miércoles, 06 de marzo del 2019

      Do not use Paris Business and Travel SARL the tour operator for nothing. I was to get a certain time and did not get it causing me to not be able to make the tower. I did go on my own and get all the way to the summit. Viator dropped the ball on this booking this also. It's like they want to be a one call company but when there 8s a issue it blame the other guy.

        Calificación General: 2/10
    • Tifani saltibus
      Publicado el Miércoles, 29 de agosto del 2018

      When I initially contacted viator to book this activity by phone. I specifically told the representative to include in the notes, that I would make it to paris at 9:35am coming from amsterdam by train. So set my tour up after 11:00am. The company does not give you your appointment time until the day before your tour. They booked it for 10:00am. Long story short, they charged me 30 Euro extra per person when I met the guide, just to change from 10:00am to 12:00am. All the tour guide did, was simply walk us across the lot to the second security line which we did not skip and told us to catch 2 elevators to get there. Choose a different tour, the price was not worth it.

        Calificación General: 2/10

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