Cena de gala Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition
  • Cena de gala Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

    En este tipo de cena, usted participa en una de las cenas más famosas de la historia, celebrando el retiro del legendario Capitán del Titanic E. J. Smith. Interactúe con algunos de los pasajeros y luminarias más notables del Titanic mientras disfruta de una suntuosa comida de tres platos y disfruta de una "noche para recordar". Esta experiencia única también incluye una excursión por Titanic the Experience y una recreación de esa trágica noche del 14-15 de abril. Venga a bordo de este maravilloso "Barco de los Sueños" y ayude a mantener vivo su legado.

    Visita: Titanic The Experience, 7324 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819-8232

    En esta exclusiva cena de gala del Titanic formará parte de una de las fiestas y cenas de gala más populares a bordo del Titanic. Únase a Margaret "Molly" Brown, y a otros invitados en primera clase para celebrar la jubilación del legendario capitán del Titanic, Edward John Smith. Será un evento que no olvidará.

    La experiencia única de esta gala incluye una visita a la exposición Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition, cena de gala de primera clase y una reconstrucción de la noche del 14 al 15 de abril.

    Antes de la cena, disfrute de la fiesta cóctel organizada por los capitanes a partir de las 18.30 h. Pruebe uno de los cócteles de autor R.M.S, el 401 (cóctel con champán) y The Unsinkable Molly Brown (cóctel con bourbon)

    Menú de la cena de gala del Titanic:

    Primer plato

    Ensalada mixta con vinagreta de frambuesa

    Queso artesano y plato con aceitunas

    Panecillos viena con mantequilla

    Segundo plato

    Filete de ternera servido con setas con salsa demi-glace

    Pechuga de pollo con salsa a la lionesa

    Selección de verduras de temporada.

    Patata roja asada al romero


    Mousse de chocolate blanco con virutas de frambuesa en una taza de chocolate
    *Menú infantil

    Trozos de pollo con macarrones caseros con queso

    Té, agua, café y gaseosa con el servicio de cena.

    Servicio de cerveza y vino

    Informacion Adicional
    "La confirmación se recibirá en el momento en que se realice la reserva"
    "Asientos infantiles disponibles"
    "Comidas infantiles no incluidas."
    "Por favor avise cualquier requerimiento dietético específico al momento de la reserva"
    "Opción vegetariana disponible, por favor avise al momento de la reserva si es necesario"

    • Hora de Inicio6:30 PM
    • Lugar de comienzo: Titanic The Artifact Exhibition
    • Duración: 3 horas
    • Cancelaciones y devoluciones: Si quieres que se te reembolse el importe íntegro, cancela con al menos 24 horas de antelación a la fecha de inicio de la actividad.
  • Incluye

    • Cena - Cena de 3 platos
    • Propinas
    • Entrada - Titanic The Experience

    No Incluye

    • Bebidas alcohólicas (disponibles para comprar)
  • 9/10

    Recomendación de los pasajeros 90%
    Rating basado en 19 Críticas verificadas

    Nuestros clientes

    • Connie A
      Publicado el Lunes, 04 de noviembre del 2019

      We had such an amazing experience! From the actors, to the food, it was absolutely incredible! It was organized and well executed! It really made us feel like we were on the Titanic in 1912!!!!

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Lura H
      Publicado el Lunes, 14 de octubre del 2019

      Actors were great and very informative. Food very good and enjoyed artifacts. Enjoyable evening. Well son!

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Lucy H
      Publicado el Lunes, 12 de agosto del 2019

      Enjoyed the show and the food. Was very easy to get to and there was ample parking. Would recommend this to anyone traveling to Orlando

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • acostaf
      Publicado el Miércoles, 03 de julio del 2019

      The dinner experience was very enjoyable and entertaining! You start with some pictures and then into the lobby for cheese, fruits and cracker. What will take place is explained very well by one of the characters and then you mingle with other characters which will be with you throughout the tour. You tour the first half of the museum and then you are brought to a dining room to eat and celebrate a surprise retirement for the captain. Once all is complete, you continue with the tour which takes you into the middle of what is happening to Titanic at that moment. The actors were excellent, the food was good (salad, soup, bread, steak and chicken, vegetable and baked potato) but interacting with the actors was the best part. Excellent for any age!

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Nicole S
      Publicado el Lunes, 01 de abril del 2019

      My friend and I had such a wonderful time with our kids last night! I teach a unit on the Titanic every year and I’ve been very curious about the Titanic Dinner Gala. I learned a lot of facts I didn’t know and I was wonderfully impressed by the talent and kindness of the actors involved. We were there for nearly four hours and I don’t think the actors took a break longer than ten minutes. Thank you for a marvelous evening!

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Raquel P
      Publicado el Lunes, 08 de octubre del 2018

      This was fantastic. It was a great experience for 4 of us that attended. We laughed, we cried, we learned a lot of new information about that tragic night and the unfortunate people that did and did not survive. I highly recommend this event.

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • BONDY
      Publicado el Domingo, 19 de noviembre del 2017

      Great experience professionally staged by hard working cast ,good food

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Marian B
      Publicado el Lunes, 14 de agosto del 2017

      This tour was a wonderful evening. I attended with my mother, who is in her 80s. From the moment we walked in the door, everyone from the staff to the amazing actors and actresses were engaging, especially with my mother. She can't stop talking about the wonderful, memorable evening we had! A++++++

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Linda S
      Publicado el Jueves, 09 de marzo del 2017

      The meal was excellent..filet mignon and chicken hollandaze...The re-enactment was informative with excellent acting . The sets showing the interior and artifacts of the Titanic was amazing. It was very emotional but educational and well presented in a serious and fun way depicting the background of some of the passengers...It was great value for the money...Don't miss it!

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • James J
      Publicado el Domingo, 31 de julio del 2016

      Awesome experience! Good food! Even my 16 year old son and 12 year old daughter expressed their enjoyment of the dinner show!! I highly recommend this dinner show!

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • David B
      Publicado el Domingo, 03 de julio del 2016

      Fantastic time...talented talented actors!! Well done!!

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Lindsey C
      Publicado el Martes, 10 de julio del 2018

      Food was amazing from beginning to end. Show was very touching, characters were very interactive. The artifacts are beautiful. Even my 13 yr old daughter I dragged with me had a great time and did more research on it when we got home. I told her she would like it :)

        Calificación General: 8/10
    • Karen F
      Publicado el Martes, 19 de diciembre del 2017

      From start to finish your invited to be one of the passengers aboard the titanic when she sailed to America , you are given a character who you should become for the entire experience, the actors are enthusiastic and encourage you the entire time ,the only thing I would ask is your given more time after the dinner to read and peruse the information posted around the different areas and also where you have you dinner could be a little mor decorated to suggest your in the titanic dining area .

        Calificación General: 8/10
    • Jennifer S
      Publicado el Sábado, 24 de febrero del 2018

      The artifacts were interesting and the actors were really good, but I was expecting more. The food was just ok, the dining room was a bit small, but the service was really good.

        Calificación General: 6/10
    • Muriel A C
      Publicado el Miércoles, 04 de enero del 2017

      The dinner gala is designed around the idea that you are being given a tour of the ship before the disaster. You therefore get information about the luxury of the ship, the expectations, excitement etc. You also get introduced to some of the characters involved in the ship. There is of course a meal and a tour of the facility. We booked it because the story of the Titanic is interesting and enduring and we did get a better sense of the tragedy. We found that it started off very slowly and were a bit confused by the different characters and the story line. As time went on it became clearer and things moved a bit faster. The final tour of the exhibit was for us the highlight.
      The meal was okay but not great and don't expect to walk away full because the portions are small! You also have to pay for cocktails and they are not cheap. This is why the forty minute cocktail hour seemed so endless!
      Overall this was an interesting experience and gave us a better understanding of the tragedy.

        Calificación General: 6/10
    • mel o
      Publicado el Lunes, 25 de febrero del 2019

      really enjoyed the show and characters and the ship. Food was so. nothing for vegetarian to eat. showmanship of characters is great and experience of what happened and viewing the artifacts is very interesting

        Calificación General: 4/10
    • Edward M
      Publicado el Lunes, 13 de febrero del 2017

      I must admit that most of the tour was boring. We arrived at 6 30. The tour started after 7 00 pm and there was not much to see. We were standing for 1.5 hour .I f you are above 60 this is an ordeal.there was no where to sit. By 800 pm we were all hungry. The food was ok,but nothing special. After dinner my wife and I left right away, perhaps missing the most interesting part of the tour. The idea of a titanic dinner is good, but I suppose a real dinner aboard the real titanice must have been far more classier than this!

        Calificación General: 4/10
    • MARIA P
      Publicado el Jueves, 09 de mayo del 2019

      A encenação é pobre, o cenário do jantar é horrível
      Em nada remete à época
      Os garçons servem voando como querendo ir embora logo
      O único objetivo é tirar foto para vender!

        Calificación General: 2/10
    • jimarie55
      Publicado el Martes, 07 de mayo del 2019

      The food was excellent. The show was very disappointing, even frienghting for little kids, the way the actors were arguing, on who,s fault it was ,for not Waring about the iceberg, I,'ve seen the exhibit in Pigion Forge, wonderful. Would not recommend this one.

        Calificación General: 2/10

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