Excursión privada de Zhujiajiao a la ciudad del agua con paseo en barco
  • Excursión privada de Zhujiajiao a la ciudad del agua con paseo en barco

    Disfrute de una excursión privada de 5 horas con un conductor profesional y guía turístico en un vehículo privado a la famosa ciudad de agua Zhujiajiao, que se reconoce como "la Venecia Oriental". Es ameno recorrer a pie los callejones y los puentes en el casco antiguo. Tendrá un relajante paseo en barco por los pequeños canales. También tendrá la oportunidad de visitar un jardín chino muy tranquilo, hermoso y tradicional, KeZhi Garden, en la ciudad. El lugar de recogida puede ser desde su hotel en Shanghái o puerto de Shanghái.

    Le recogerá su guía turístico (conductor) privado en su hotel o en el puerto a las 10.00 h (la excursión de fin de semana se puede comenzar a primera hora). Después de una hora en coche, llegará a la ciudad de agua Zhujiajiao de 400 años de antigüedad, que es a menudo comparada con Venecia.

    Puede iniciar el paseo en barco en primer lugar para hacerse una idea del estilo de la antigua época el estilo del sur de China, y puede hacer algunas fotos de la ciudad de agua. Después del paseo en barco, podrá caminar por las callejuelas del casco para ver más edificios y puentes, como el puente FangSheng, que fue construido hace unos 300 años durante la Dinastía Ming. Además, el guía le ayudará a visitar el privado jardín tradicional chino KeZhi. 

    Durante la hora del almuerzo, su guía turístico le hará algunas recomendaciones de restaurantes de la zona. Almuerzo comida (no incluido). 

    Visitará algunas tiendas por la tarde. Después de finalizar la excursión, será trasladado de vuelta a su hotel o al puerto de Shanghái.

    Informacion Adicional
    "La confirmación se recibirá en el momento en que se realice la reserva"
    "Asientos infantiles disponibles"
    "Los niños deben estar acompañados por un adulto"
    "Funciona en todas las condiciones climáticas, vístete apropiadamente"
    "Por favor, use zapatos cómodos para caminar"
    "Los pasajeros de cruceros deben proporcionar la siguiente información al momento de la reserva: nombre del barco, tiempo de atraque, tiempo de desembarque y tiempo de re-embarque al momento de la reserva"
    "Tiene que hacer buen tiempo para que se pueda realizar esta experiencia. Si se cancela por malas condiciones meteorológicas, se le ofrecerá otra fecha o el reembolso total del importe abonado."
    "Esta una excursión o actividad privada. Solo puede participar su grupo."

    • Hora de Inicio10:00 AM
    • Lugar de comienzo: Hoteles céntricos de Shanghai o puertos de Shanghai

    • Duración: 5 horas
    • Cancelaciones y devoluciones: Si quieres que se te reembolse el importe íntegro, cancela con al menos 24 horas de antelación a la fecha de inicio de la actividad.
  • Incluye

    • Agua embotellada
    • Un guía de conductor profesional.
    • Recogida y regreso al hotel / puerto.
    • Traslado privado ida y vuelta.
    • Entrada - Zhujiajiao Ancient Town

    No Incluye

    • Almuerzo
    • Propinas
  • 10/10

    Recomendación de los pasajeros 100%
    Rating basado en 37 Críticas verificadas

    Nuestros clientes

    • Thomas H
      Publicado el Lunes, 10 de septiembre del 2018

      Tom was great with timing and comfortable car and driving. Did a walking tour of Zhujiaojiao and was extremely well versed and informative. did the gondola ride and a garden as nice as Yuyaun but the town not at all crowded and was very beautiful and relaxing

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Fran Leslie B
      Publicado el Lunes, 30 de julio del 2018

      Tom Zhang was a fantastic tour guide, he made the trip come life with the narrative, was very accommodating and flexible and did a great job all around. He was very knowledgeable about not only the town of Zhujiajiao, its sites, history, and cultural customs, but he was also very knowledgeable about China's history overall. I thought that the Zhujianjiao Water city was a very nice town to see, with a rich history that gives you a sense of what it might have been like to live there over the centuries. I had a special request to go to the silk museum tour in Shanghai and even thought this was not part of the regular tour, he accommodated me. Very nice day.

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • fun5mama
      Publicado el Lunes, 02 de julio del 2018

      What a wonderful day trip with our guide Tom. He was incredibly knowledgeable and so nice. He picked us up at our hotel in downtown Shanghai spent half day with us and then for a small additional fee 40 dollars US he drove us to our second hotel at Shanghai Disneyland.
      It was a perfect private tour that was beautiful, historic and effortless! The boat ride was amazing as well and the gardens were my favorite!!
      Tom spoke fluent English and had many years of experience!! Couldnt have been a better trip!!

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Adrian C
      Publicado el Domingo, 29 de abril del 2018

      Cindy was a great tour guide. She was on-time for the pick up at our hotel. One the way to the venue she gave us many tips about what to see and do in Shanghai. She was truly knowledgeable on the historic details and key landmarks that we came across at Zhujiajiao. Most of all, the kids really warmed up to her. Awesome tour and good food!

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • teree2
      Publicado el Viernes, 06 de abril del 2018

      What a fantastic tour. Our guide Tom was a friendly guy who spoke perfect English. His knowledge was outstanding. We would definitely recommend the trip. Excellent value for money.

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Yvonne M
      Publicado el Lunes, 02 de abril del 2018

      Excellent tour with knowledgeable and English speaking guide. Highly recommend.

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Marion B
      Publicado el Martes, 03 de abril del 2018

      David was an excellent guide. He met us in our hotel and we drove in a modern and comfortable van to the water village with David sharing his experiences and tips as a native Shanghai. We loved his slice of life talk as much as his very informed historical talks. The boat ride was enchanting. We enjoyed window shopping in the town and sampling the local treats. But the best part of the tour was thru the gardens. We had them practically for ourselves and it was a wonderful contrast to the busy streets of the village and the skyscrapers in Shanghai. David was able to adapt to our interests and leave us to wander them in our own time. Ps, he was nice enough to help us take group photos in the perfect spots. Would highly recommend. Perfect for those with a short schedule, this half day tour was very memorable!

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • kbs8899
      Publicado el Domingo, 01 de abril del 2018

      Tom, our guide, arrived promptly at our hotel lobby at our agreed time.
      He drove us in a clean, air conditioned van to Zhujiajiao water town. Tom is very knowledgeable and presents information that makes the tour very interesting and educational. Without a guide it would be difficult to fully appreciate the history and culture of the town. Tom provided a private tour for our group of 3. I believe that the fee for this tour was very reasonable. Tom provided a 5 star service.

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Dustin W
      Publicado el Lunes, 26 de marzo del 2018

      After my wife and I did this, we realized everything we thought China was, was wrong. I honestly didn't know what to expect. My wife and I had never been to China, and since I didn't have a phone that worked in China, I was ready for the logistics to fall through and lose all my money. Tom, our tour guide, showed up 10 minutes before our agreed time, walked right up to us in our hotel lobby and said our names in clear english. That was a relief. He then took us here where we were blown away at this little town. With him, you get a truly authentic China experience. We asked him a hundred questions about the city, China, what its like there, etc. He entertained all of our questions and the tour was so much more than we expected. We rode on one of the little river boats, walked along the market streets, had some delicious local food, saw some local gardens, bought some souvenirs, and said hello to some local pets! He took us through the gardens there and was full of insights into China's history. It was the smartest move we could have made to fill the time in our 24 hour layover. Oh yes and he dropped us off to ride the mag-lev train back to the airport like we asked. He's the perfect guide and very informative!

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Aubrey R
      Publicado el Sábado, 17 de marzo del 2018

      Great tour and great guide.

        Calificación General: 10/10
      Publicado el Lunes, 26 de febrero del 2018

      Vicky was excellent. Driver performed safe handling of vehicle with care. Went with 2 kids 5yrs and 9yrs that enjoyed it much treating through the village. I do however recommend upgrading the boat ride to a longer one.

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Cecilia G
      Publicado el Lunes, 29 de enero del 2018

      Super nice experience with Tom. He is a frendly, well-educated and knowledgeable man, who kindly answered all of our questions. The tour gave us another perspective of Chinese culture and it was really rewarding. 100 recommendable

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • roy.beveridge
      Publicado el Sábado, 30 de diciembre del 2017

      Bit of a drive but good thing to do and see something than just Shanghai proper

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Deborah M
      Publicado el Martes, 21 de noviembre del 2017

      This was a great 1/2 day trip. David was AWESOME!!!!! He was very knowledgeable and took some great photos of my husband and I. I would recommend this trip for anyone looking for something a little different to do in Shanghai.

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Allan V
      Publicado el Lunes, 06 de noviembre del 2017

      Vicki was an excellent and informative tour guide. We really enjoyed seeing another side of Shanghai. There was a variety of things to do on the tour and it was individually catered to our needs and interests. Thoroughly recommend.

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Kari K
      Publicado el Lunes, 06 de noviembre del 2017

      Tom was absolutely delightful. From the moment we left our hotel, the flow of information, history and experience began - we all appreciated Tom's insight and easy going manner as we took in the drive to Zhujiajiao and experienced the ancient town. Each new experience brings with it a new challenge when traveling in a new place, so having Tom in charge and leading the way was so refreshing. I highly recommend it!

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • blromberg
      Publicado el Lunes, 06 de noviembre del 2017

      We took this tour on a rainy Monday October 16. The tour guide David Wang who was wonderful, was right on timewe arranged to do the tour at 9am even though it says 10am when you go to book it and he was extremely informative. Even though it was raining hard we still got to take the boat ride before they shut it down. It takes an hour approximately from Shanghai on the bund area to Zhujiajiao. The most interesting part of the village was the gardens. On the way back he dropped each one of in our party where they wanted to go as we still had time to take in another interesting historic sight.

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • iowarhino13
      Publicado el Martes, 31 de octubre del 2017

      This experience was exactly what we were hoping for! Our guide Tom was great! He was on-time, spoke very good English, very knowledgable as a tour guide and my family and I had a very fun trip! I would request him again if we are ever back in Shanghai and I would also highly recommend this trip!

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • christopher n
      Publicado el Sábado, 28 de octubre del 2017

      Tom was a wonderful guide and spook very good english. He wisely suggested an early starting time to avoid some of the crowds and suggested passing on most of the local restuarants. I would use Tom again.

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Anne C
      Publicado el Viernes, 06 de octubre del 2017

      Our guide Vicky looked after us superbly on this tour. She was very knowledgable and friendly and made our first day in China very enjoyable. We were picked up from our hotel in the morning and in the afternoon she assisted us in using the Metro to go to the Peoples Square. The tour was fantastic and would thoroughly recommend. Thankyou Vicky.

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • nathan b
      Publicado el Martes, 18 de julio del 2017

      If you want to get around china easily, with english speaking guides in safety and comfort, book with these guys and with Tom. We were picked up at our hotel and returned to a place of our request with no problems. The tour was fantastic, well worth looking at and experiencing. I highly recommend Tom and the tour comapany. I will use them again.

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • David F
      Publicado el Lunes, 17 de julio del 2017

      Great day and really interesting. Our family of 4 2 Adults, 2 Children -14,11 all enjoyed the day. I would highly recommend it to others.

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • jleex88
      Publicado el Lunes, 17 de julio del 2017

      Tom was an incredible tour guide and so easy to work with. I made last minute changes and he worked them in seamlessly. I definitely recommend Tom as a guide, as he shared a lot of informative insight into the water town and chinese culture as a whole!

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Adriana F
      Publicado el Jueves, 01 de junio del 2017

      I really enjoyed my trip with Tom. He is an excellent driver and tour guide. I learned a lot about the history and culture of this part of China, as well as modern-day life in Shanghai.

        Calificación General: 10/10

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