3-Day / 2-Night in San Blas Including Trip to Cayos Holandeses

3-Day / 2-Night in San Blas Including Trip to Cayos Holandeses

Spend 3 unforgettable days in San Blas, an area that is unlike any other in this world. We include a boat tour to the Cayos Holandeses atoll, a remote area of San Blas not many people get to experience. Witness unparalleled beauty of the last true remaining paradises on earth, with iridescent turquoise waters and pristine islands. We also include a boat tour to the Cayos Limones atoll, visiting Isla Perro island with its famous shipwreck, located right off its beach. Snorkel on the colorful reef and play with the abundant, little reef fish.

You will be staying on Isla Yansailadup (aka Yani Island). We believe that Yani Island is one of the most beautiful populated islands in San Blas. Swim in balmy seas, play in an ocean swing, or lounge lazily in a hammock, watching the sun set over the horizon.

Yani Island features rustic, private rooms in the main building, you will have two twin beds available. The shared bathrooms are only a few steps away.



Day 1: Arrival Day - Check in on Isla Yansaialdup

Stop At: Panama City, Panama City, Panama Province
If choosing our optional round-trip transportation, we pick up all guests from their lodgings in Panama City.
Pick up time between 5:00 - 5:45 am

If driving to San Blas with your own car, please ensure to arrive no later than 8:30am and in a SUV vehicle. All other cars will be turned around at the border crossing. Carti has 3 ports. Your lancha/boat and captain will be waiting for you in the Barsucun port. Contact us to arrange RT transport.
Duration: 1 day

Stop At: San Blas Islands, San Blas Islands, Guna Yala Region
You will arrive to Isla Yansailadup by approx. 9:30am

We recently discovered this little gem in the paradise of San Blas. This island, called Yansailadup, offers everything one would imagine of a perfect island getaway. Away from the mass tourism, you will find peace and tranquility during your stay, giving you plenty of opportunities to bathe in the balmy ocean, snorkel around the reef, lounge in a hammock, while observing another spectacular sunset or counting the shooting stars at night.

We are offering an unforgettable San Blas experience with a complimentary San Blas Day tour excursion to other islands of the archipelago.

Isla Yansailadup is located a short 30 minute boat ride away from the port of Carti. This island is well maintained by its loving Kuna family and aside from its post-card perfect beaches, it features well-constructed, comfortable private rooms, ocean front cabins and over-water cabins, all with shared bathrooms and a beautiful ocean-front restaurant.
Duration: 1 day

Meals included:
• Lunch: Fresh meal to taste: Fried fish, chicken or mixed seafood with salad and rice. Beverages extra charge

• Dinner: Fresh meal to taste: Fried fish, chicken or mixed seafood with salad and rice. Beverages extra charge

Accommodation included: Overnight on Yansailadup - Either private room, oceanfront cabin or over-water cabin (depending option). Shared bathroom

Day 2: Isla Yansailadup & Cayos Holandeses boat tour

Stop At: San Blas Islands, San Blas Islands, Guna Yala Region
After a delicious breakfast on Isla Yansailadup, relax in one of the ocean hammocks and enjoy the peace and tranquility of your island paradise.
Duration: 4 hours

Stop At: San Blas Islands, Panama City Panama
After another delicious lunch we will head out to the beautiful Cayos Holandeses islands. Prepare for an approx. 1 hour, often bumpy boat ride to the remote and pristine island archipelago. Not many people get to visit these islands. When arriving you will be greeted by white sand beaches and an ocean that is radiating intense colors of blue and green, inviting you to jump in and float weightlessly in the shallows.
Duration: 2 hours

Meals included:
• Breakfast: Enjoy your breakfast on Isla Yansailadup
• Lunch: Enjoy a delicious lunch on Isla Yansailadup (fresh fried fish or chicken with salad and rice). Beverages extra charge
• Dinner: Fresh meal to taste: Fried fish, chicken or mixed seafood with salad and rice. Beverages extra charge

Accommodation included: Overnight on Yansailadup - Either private room, oceanfront cabin or over-water cabin (depending option). Shared bathroom

Day 3: Departure Day + Cayos Limones Boat Tour

Stop At: San Blas Islands, San Blas Islands, Guna Yala Region
Check-out from your bedroom is at 8:00am. You are welcome to store your luggage with island management.

Spend another day on the island, swimming in the warm waters, relaxing in a hammock or exploring the surrounding islands on a SUP board.

Lunch is served at 12:00pm.
Duration: 5 hours

Stop At: San Blas Islands, San Blas Islands, Guna Yala Region
By 1:00pm we will pick you up to go on an island boat tour visiting 1 other island and/or the Natural Pool. Swim in this beautiful pool and take pictures with the starfishes! This is a once in a lifetime experience! At 3:00pm you will return to the port, arriving by 7:00pm at your Panama City lodging.

Return to the port by 4:00pm.

If choosing our optional round trip transportation service, your driver will be waiting for you to safely return you to Panama City, arriving at your lodging by 7:00pm.

Duration: 2 hours

Meals included:

No accommodation included on this day.

Informacion Adicional
"Not recommended for travelers with back problems"
"No heart problems or other serious medical conditions"
"Not recommended for pregnant travelers"
"Not wheelchair accessible"
"Most travelers can participate"
"Check out from your cabin on the island is at 8:00am. You are welcome to stay until 3pm with return to Panama City between 6-7pm, or leave in the morning returning to Panama City by 11:30am"
"If choosing our transportation option, departure time is between 5:00am and 5:45am from your Panama City lodging. If staying at Playa Bonita area, your departure time is between 5:00am and 5:15am."
"In San Blas Islands there are no ATMs - please bring cash. You can buy additional drinks, snacks, souvenirs etc."
"Aside from using generators for electricity, there are no amenities and utilities as you are used to from the city. Electricity only available between 6pm and 6am. Food is basic, yet freshly prepared such as fresh fried fish, mixed seafood, chicken or lobster (at extra charge) with salad, rice or plantains."
"You are welcome to bring a cooler with your own drinks, potable water, snacks and beverages (fruit juice or alcohol). The driver will stop at a supermarket on the way to San Blas in order for you to purchase additional items."
"Please be advised that San Blas is in the Kuna territory, which is an autonomous, Indian zone. The services are very basic and most cabins are minimalistic. The Kunas will be providing all touristic services, such as meal preparations, car and boat transportations, lodging, and tour guiding. We are proud to be working with this friendly tribe and with each booking we give back to the community, supporting their customs and their traditional way of life. We kindly ask you to respect this beautiful culture and their simple way of life, leaving your expectations behind and learning about their innocent culture."
"The boat transfer from the port to the islands may be bumpy with some sea spray. If you are sensitive to motion sickness, please prepare accordingly by bringing appropriate medication. You may also get wet, so please bring some water protection for your luggage and yourself"
"There are no electrical outlets in the bedrooms, only light. You can recharge your phones and cameras in the main house."
"We recommend that you bring your personal hygiene items, such as towels, sunscreen, hats, mosquito repellent."
"We will check the availability of the cabin and will send you a confirmation mail."
"“Tigo” is the cell phone company that has the best reception in San Blas."
"PLEASE BE PREPARED FOR A 2.5 to 3 HOUR CAR JOURNEY EACH WAY OVER CURVY ROADS! THERE IS ALSO A 25-30 MINUTE BOAT RIDE TO YOUR FIRST ISLAND WHICH CAN GET QUITE BUMPY AND WET. We feel that the islands are worth the long drive, but some travelers have complained about the drive and the fast boat ride from and to the port. While we strive to provide our guests the best service and an unforgettable experience in San Blas, we are not responsible for road and ocean conditions, and we would like you to be aware of this fact :)"
"SAN BLAS DISCLAIMER - PLEASE READ! While San Blas is a beautiful island archipelago with stunning beaches and clear waters, it also has its downsides, for which we would like to make you aware off. In San Blas only the Kuna population is allowed to work in the territory. The services and infrastructure are not what most of us are used to. Kunas are not very service oriented and can often seem shy or reserved. A stay in San Blas can be compared to a camping vacation that offers minimal comfort, services and amenities. We strongly advise those who have 5 star expectations to think twice before embarking on this adventure. We do have alternative tours in Panama with more high-end services. We really care about our reputation and we want our guests to enjoy their vacation with us. We attempt to be as transparent as possible in order to set guest expectations from the start. We do not own any of the islands and we pride ourselves in providing excellent service during your booking process and attempting to assist you during your San Blas vacation. However, please remember that we cannot guarantee the same excellent service during your stay in San Blas. Please read all the below information well! San Blas is very rustic without the amenities and standards you might be used to from home. Compared to places such as Tahiti and Maldives that are managed by international hotel chains, San Blas has remained autonomous without the influence of outsiders. When visiting San Blas, it should be viewed as a cultural experience where guests live with the Kunas and respect their traditions and their primitive ways of living. No air condition - None of the islands offer A/C, some cabins don’t have fans either. No Wifi - You can buy a prepaid SIM card (Tigo or Digicel), which may or may not have signal. No luxury facilities - Bathrooms may be dirty, sinks may get clogged, sheets may be old Electricity is only available between 6:00pm and 6:00am. Cabins don’t have outlets. Electric devices can be charged in the restaurant. Water is a precious commodity in San Blas. It is either brought in by boat or pumped from the island well, which may have a significant salt content. Oftentimes pumps can malfunction and cause water outages. Beds and mattresses can be uncomfortable and sheets are old and worn. What seems like trash and clutter around the local huts, are items and tools that Kunas re-use for their daily lives. Please respect the fact that you will spend your time living alongside the Kunas who have different traditions and values. All services will all be handled by the indigenous Kuna. While we strive to provide the best service possible and train the Kuna in customer management, some of the below services are often out of our control. Car transportation - the ride to San Blas takes 2.5 to 3 hours, with 1.5 hours over slow, curvy roads. For those with motion sickness, please prepare accordingly. The transportation is in a shared 4x4 SUV, with one seat up front, three seats in the middle row and 2 seats in the back row. Seats are assigned randomly. Those who require additional space in the car must purchase an extra seat. Pick up from your lodging is scheduled between 5:00am and 5:30am, but can sometimes be as late as 5:45am depending on the timeliness of other guests that we pick up. Out of respect for all others in the car we ask everyone to wait in the lobby of their building at 5:00am. If you are not at the designated meeting point, the driver will make an effort to locate you, but he cannot delay the transportation by more than 10 minutes. No refunds are awarded to guests who don’t show up on time. Boat transportation - depending on weather and ocean conditions, the 20-40 minute boat ride might be bumpy and wet with ocean spray. Luggage is stored in the front of the boat and covered with tarps. Island cabin management - cabins are very rustic and facilities, such as showers and bathrooms are often “home-made” with PVC pipes. Some guests have complained that sheets are old. Please bring your own if you require fresh smelling sheets. Island kitchen - meal plans are repetitive and food might taste bland, without the use of spices. Additional food, drinks and snacks can be purchased on the way to San Blas. The driver will stop at a grocery store. Most Kunas DO NOT speak English. Please attempt to resolve any cabin related issues and requests directly with the island management. Trash is a worldwide problem and unfortunately San Blas has not been spared from the ever increasing issue. During certain tides and ocean and wind conditions plastic trash from throughout the Caribbean ocean accumulates on the beaches of San Blas. While the local Kuna are working hard to collect the constant flood of plastic trash washing up on their beaches, guests will nevertheless find evidence of plastic spread out on the island. Furthermore, Kunas tend to collect certain “trash” and re-use it for their purposes. For instance, a collection of empty gas canisters has been re-used to create a Christmas tree. During the wet months (April - December) or during windless days, all of San Blas experiences sandflies, which are little blood-sucking flies that leave itchy marks. Please ensure to bring insect repellent and prepare to return to Panama City with a few itchy memories. Some islands, such as Isla Wailidup tend to have more than others. Weather: Panama is located in the Intertropical Convergence Zone, which means that the weather is very unpredictable and is impossible to forecast with accuracy. The weather forecast will usually show rain and thunderstorms for most days of the year, when in reality there are oftentimes beautiful, sunny days in San Blas. Please do not rely on the weather forecast in Panama. Due to the tropical conditions in San Blas rain can occur at any time and we do not offer refunds for rainy days. Guests who stay in cabins and would like to return earlier than their scheduled departure date must notify our reservation team one day before by 5:00pm via WhatsApp found on your ticket, in order for us to arrange your return transfer. No refunds apply for early departures. Due to the complexity of the logistics involved with each reservation in San Blas (arranging cars, boats, tours, cabins and meals), we kindly ask our guests to adhere to the itinerary schedule sent to them in advance of their trip to San Blas. For any changes in schedule, you must first contact our office at least one day before by 5:00pm and we will attempt to accommodate your request. Travel Emergencies: The San Blas islands are located in a very remote region of Panama. We ask all guests to be responsible for their own well being and to be aware that medical assistance can often not be provided right away. The closest medical facility in San Blas is very basic and can only provide assistance for minor issues. Guests with injuries such as broken bones that require more specialized treatment need to be transported to Panama City. Guests are responsible for all charges arising from a medical emergency, such as boat and car transportation and medical care. We suggest all guests to carry a Travel Insurance to cover emergency expenses. For more information, please check your ticket for the travel insurance link. We kindly ask our guests to lower their expectation when visiting San Blas and to focus on the beautiful remote paradise that San Blas has remained despite the effects that modern society has caused to them. The Kunas are very gentle and kind people, but can also be somewhat shy at times. When approaching them with a smile and an open heart you will be guaranteed an innocent, happy smile in return. Arriving with the right mindset and expectation usually guarantees an unforgettable experience, where guests are able to focus on the beauties of the islands, beaches, ocean and the people, rather than on the limitations that we mentioned above."
"Shower water on Isla Yansailadup is filtered from from ocean water and has a high salinity level"
"AGAIN!!! Please be prepared for a 2.5 hour car journey each way (1 hour on a highway and about 1.5 hours through the mountains over curvy roads! Please do not leave bad reviews because of the road. We try to warn you ahead of time ;)"
"The road to San Blas is very curvy. If you are sensitive to motion sickness, please prepare accordingly by bringing appropriate medication."
"This experience requires good weather. If it’s canceled due to poor weather, you’ll be offered a different date or a full refund"
"This experience requires a minimum number of travelers. If it’s canceled because the minimum isn’t met, you’ll be offered a different date/experience or a full refund"
"This tour/activity will have a maximum of 14 travelers"
"Confirmation will be received within 48 hours of booking, subject to availability"

Duración: 3 Days
Lugar de comienzo: Carti Parking and Boat Terminal, F23C+W2C, Warsobtugua, Guna Yala, Panama
Traveler pickup is offered
If booking with transportation from Panama City:


On the day of your tour, please be ready to be picked up from your hotel between 5:00am and 5:45am, and wait in the lobby. Since we have shared transportation with up to 6 guests per car, our drivers choose the best route to pick up all guests in a timely manner. To avoid any delays we appreciate your cooperation in being on time. If you are not at your designated pick up point (and waiting in the lobby!), you will loose your tour without refund.

The driver will try his best in contacting you via WhatsApp. Please understand that the driver cannot wait longer than 10 minutes before continuing to the next pick up destination, in order to provide timely service for all of the other guests.

If driving on your own to San Blas:

Please contact our office for exact driving directions and instructions.

PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT ONLY 4X4 CARS ARE PERMITTED TO ENTER THE TERRITORY. We have many guests who arrive in a regular SUV (such as Hyundai Tucson or similar), but are not allowed to enter, because the SUV is not a 4x4 and is considered too small or not suitable for the treacherous roads.


  • Tocumen Intl Airport, Panama City Panama

Cancelaciones y devoluciones: All sales are final and incur 100% cancellation penalties.


  • Tour to Cayos Limones
  • Tour to Cayos Holandeses
  • 2x Breakfast
  • 2x Dinner
  • 3x Lunch
  • Accommodation included: 2 nights
  • Entry/Admission - San Blas Islands

No Incluye

  • Guna Entrance Fee paid to border patrol ($22 for Internationals, $7 for Panamanian residents)
  • Beverages


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