Visita guiada privada de 4 horas a Versailles con recogida en el hotel
  • Visita guiada privada de 4 horas a Versailles con recogida en el hotel

    Disfrute de su visita al Palacio de Versalles sin complicaciones en esta visita guiada de 4 horas con recogida en el hotel de París. Viaje en monovolumen privado con aire acondicionado desde París hasta el Palacio de Versalles con un guía privado, y disfrute de acceso preferente con la entrada Evite las colas. Visite los Apartamentos Reales y la Galería de los Espejos y descubra cómo era la vida real en este lugar durante el siglo XVII. A continuación, diríjase a los jardines y admire las vistas sin obstáculos del palacio desde el exterior. Esta visita privada de 4 horas incluye el viaje de ida y vuelta desde su hotel de París.

    Este es un itinerario habitual de este producto

    Para en: Palacio de Versalles, Place d'Armes, 78000, Versalles Francia

    Admire los lugares más destacados del palacio, como la Galería de los Espejos y los Apartamentos Reales, y conozca cómo era la vida en este lugar durante el reinado de la reina María Antonieta.

    Duración: 1 hora 30 minutos

    Informacion Adicional
    "La confirmación se recibirá en el momento en que se realice la reserva"
    "El transporte está adaptado para personas en silla de ruedas"
    "Los viajeros deben tener un nivel medio de forma física"
    "Asientos infantiles disponibles"
    "Accesible en silla de ruedas"
    "Esta una excursión o actividad privada. Solo puede participar su grupo."

    • Lugar de comienzo: Se incluye la recogida de los viajeros
      Recogemos en todos los hoteles ubicados en París.

    • Duración: 4 horas
    • Cancelaciones y devoluciones: Todas las ventas son definitivas, y en caso de cancelación se cargará el 100% del importe.
  • Incluye

    • Recogida y regreso al hotel.
    • Guía privado
    • Tour privado
    • Entradas de Versalles para "saltar la línea"
    • Entrada - Palace of Versailles

    No Incluye

    • Alimentos y bebidas
    • Almuerzo
  • 10/10

    Recomendación de los pasajeros 100%
    Rating basado en 26 Críticas verificadas

    Nuestros clientes

    • vanessarodil
      Publicado el Martes, 09 de julio del 2019

      We requested a Spanish speaking tour guide. Jose Pareja exceeded our expectations! He was very knowledgeable and since he picked us up he was explaining a lot of French history! Very interesting

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • joseg3200
      Publicado el Lunes, 31 de diciembre del 2018

      The tour was given by Ivan a local Parisian who spoke perfect English and knew so much history of the palace, he even kept my kids interested in the history of place.

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Janis H
      Publicado el Sábado, 09 de junio del 2018

      Amazing door to door service with an extremely knowledgeable guide. We never waited in line for anything, with every need anticipated, every problem solved in advance. Beautiful, seamless experience that was worth the price.

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • David C
      Publicado el Domingo, 27 de mayo del 2018

      Wonderful tour and guide. She clearly knew her history and was so vigilant about our various interests and goals during our visit.

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Mary O
      Publicado el Martes, 10 de abril del 2018

      We never would have been able to complete this tour without Vincent skillfully moving us along. Sunday is a madhouse, so was worth the money to do this, especially when you only have a few days in Paris.

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • dabasprem
      Publicado el Miércoles, 28 de marzo del 2018

      We had a excellent personal tour with Mr Fredric who spoke very good english and explained the details during the tour of the Palace.
      we highly reccomend this tour

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • kymken
      Publicado el Martes, 20 de marzo del 2018

      Host was very knowledgeable and happy to answer all our questions. It was wonderful to explore and not have the hassle of a crowded bus.

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Terry Tang
      Publicado el Lunes, 12 de febrero del 2018


        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Scott M
      Publicado el Martes, 09 de enero del 2018

      We had a very short stay in Paris, so this tour allowed us the ability to quickly see Versailles without missing any of the important sites. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable in art history and French history, so it was very educational for us. I would highly recommend this!

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Scott M
      Publicado el Martes, 09 de enero del 2018

      We had a very short stay in Paris, so this tour allowed us the ability to quickly see Versailles without missing any of the important sites. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable in art history and French history, so it was very educational for us. I would highly recommend this!

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Clare S
      Publicado el Viernes, 17 de noviembre del 2017

      Our guide Anne Claire was informative and knowledgable. She picked us up at our hotel and the ride was delightful and gave us a driving sightseeing tour on the way to the tour! Very pleasant way to see Versailles. Highly recommend.

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • msangalang
      Publicado el Martes, 26 de septiembre del 2017

      Versailles is amazing-Our guide was nothing less than spectacular.

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Susan S
      Publicado el Miércoles, 02 de agosto del 2017

      Wonderful experience. Our driver/guide was extremely knowledagle, so the ride to Versailles was very interesting. The small group tour that was arranged was perfect. We were able to see areas of the Palace that was not opened to the general public. Again that guide was very knowledgeable. After the tour our driver/guide met usin the gardens and provided additional history and information.

      Although this was an expensive tour, it did not disappoint. The hotel pick up was so convenient and pleasant. No time wasted on figuring public transportation.

      I highly recommend seeing Versailles with this tour.

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • mitchell J
      Publicado el Miércoles, 04 de enero del 2017

      great guide ann claire, highly informative,

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Jim J
      Publicado el Miércoles, 26 de octubre del 2016

      Our trip to Versailles was wonderful. There was a little confusion getting the guide to the hotel but once he arrived we were very impressed. Gustav was a very friendly and knowledgable guide. If you can get him as your guide to Versailles you will definitely come away very well informed as well as having had a really enjoyable, stress free visit!!

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Megan D
      Publicado el Miércoles, 19 de octubre del 2016

      Our guide, Gustavo, was amazing. Friendly, knowledgeable, a history major, and gave a very unique perspective on the background of the kings of France and how their time played into French history and culture. The 4 hour tour was perfect if you're just trying to hit the highlights.

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Edwin H
      Publicado el Martes, 18 de octubre del 2016

      The private tour was very good.
      Driver on-line and very accommodating.
      His inside knowledge made the tour much more educational than the standard walk thru.
      Recommend you take the morning tour, as crowds got significantly larger as day progressed.
      Well worth the money over the standard tours.

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Margaret H
      Publicado el Viernes, 23 de septiembre del 2016

      Francesa our guide was amazing she was knowable about all that we asked. She was attentive to our needs and very friendly.

        Calificación General: 10/10
      Publicado el Lunes, 15 de agosto del 2016

      The guide was absolutely great, he was on time and took time during the excursion to explain everything, after the palace he took us down to park at the bottom, he was extremely well educated in his knowledge of the Bourbons and the French aristocracies and their extravagant way of lifestyle, the tour of the American exhibitions was great but a little too quick. Glad I made the booking through this web site and have strongly recommended it through another site. It was great to get through all the crowds, the tour was made simple, but the gardens should have been included in the price!

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • John M
      Publicado el Lunes, 15 de agosto del 2016

      Such a treat to be picked up outside of our apartment and escorted right to Versailles. Our guide was incredibly informed and brought our visit to a higher level. My only issue is the half day tour doesn't allow enough time to visit Maria Antoinette's apartment so check beforehand exactly what your tour will include.

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • lordcbjohnson
      Publicado el Lunes, 08 de agosto del 2016

      Our tour guides were great. We had one who gave us a tour of the city of Versailles and the outside grounds of the palace. Our other, Francesca, was AMAZING inside. She was super knowledgeable and she kept our three small children entertained as well. If you can get her as a guide you'll be very pleased.

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Grisham P
      Publicado el Domingo, 31 de julio del 2016

      Great experience! Our guide, Gustabo, I think that was his name was very informative and made the visit to Versailles really come alive! The fact that we didn't need to find transportation and stand in line for tickets was great.

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Sheila D
      Publicado el Jueves, 14 de noviembre del 2019

      Abholung war pünktlich. Reiseführer war sehr wissend und hat uns historisch viele interessante Fakten und Informationen mitgeteilt Dadurch hatten wir ein sehr guten Einblick über alle drei Könige die mit Versaille verbunden waren. Die Führung drin war gut aber sehr voll und dadurch schwierig in Ruhe die Zimmer zu besichtigen. Was uns sehr gefehlt hat, war dass wir d. Schloss von vorne nicht richtig sehen konnten, die Toren waren abgeriegelt, was wirklich enttäuschend war, es ist schließlich d. Highlight gewesen und leider für uns nicht sichtbar. Unser Guide hat uns diverse außen Gebäuden gezeigt und uns informiert dass das individuelle Tours wären, für uns zukünftig ein "muss". Es ist natürlich wie überall, die Schlösser sind riesen groß, die Räume die man besichtigen kann, leider sehr wenig. Auf jeden Fall waren wir mit unser Guide sehr zufrieden und haben wirklich alle Informationen und mehr bekommen als wir erhofft hatten, historisch wie auch politisch

        Calificación General: 8/10
    • randman11
      Publicado el Sábado, 24 de febrero del 2018

      This was by far the worst of our tours that we booked in Paris. Our driver/guide was prompt in picking us up and provided good commentary on the many rooms of Versailles and the grounds. The issues were that we did not in fact receive the skip the line option that was promised. We had the same skip the line option for the Louvre, and Eiffel Tower, and they were wonderful. At Versailles we waited in a long line in the bitter cold before we could enter. Once inside the building we were so crowded we could hardly move. The thick crowd, bent on taking pictures of everything, just kind of pushed you out of the way to get what they wanted. It was very frustrating. This is of course was no fault of the guide. He did his best to provide information on what we were viewing, but it was hard to concentrate while being jostled by the crowd who was so interested in taking photos of everything that I do not believe they were really even seeing or appreciating what was in front of them. Very sad. Our guide said that there was a huge influx of tourist due to it being Chinese New Year, and local school holiday. Overall I was disappointed with what I thought would be one of the highlights of our trip.

        Calificación General: 6/10

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