Recorrido de medio día a Cannes, Antibes y St Paul de Vence desde Niza
  • Recorrido de medio día a Cannes, Antibes y St Paul de Vence desde Niza

    Explore Cannes, la ciudad de los actores y estrellas y el "Beverly Hills" de Francia, en una visita de medio día junto con su magnífico "Croisette". Luego diríjase a Antibes, una de las zonas más exclusivas de la Riviera Francesa con el puerto de multimillonarios. Por último, maravíllese ante la "Joya de la Provenza", St Paul de Vence, antes de que le lleven de vuelta a Niza.

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    Para en: La Croisette, Promenade de la Croisette, 06150 Cannes Francia

    Explore la elegante arquitectura de la "Hollywood de Francia". Visite la famosa plaza de "La Croisette". Haga una foto junto a la alfombra roja, como las celebridades.

    Duración: 30 minutos

    Para en: Saint-Paul de Vence, 2 rue Grande, 06570 St-Paul de Vence Francia

    Aprenda sobre los muchos pintores y artistas que vinieron a la "Joya de la Provenza" mientras pasea por el pueblo amurallado de St Paul de Vence en un viaje a través de la historia y la creatividad.

    Duración: 1 hora

    Para en: Port Vauban, quai Combattants Afrique du Nord, 06600, Antibes Francia

    Visite Antibes. Esta ciudad orientada a los turistas combina la tradición náutica con el placer. Podrá visitar el casco antiguo, el mayor puerto deportivo y de ocio de Europa y el puerto de los millonarios.

    Duración: 45 minutos

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    • Lugar de comienzo: Se incluye la recogida de los viajeros
      La recogida será entre la 1:30 a.m. y las 2:00 p.m.
      Recogida / devolución en su hotel en el centro de Niza.

    • Duración: 4 horas 30 minutos
    • Cancelaciones y devoluciones: Si quieres que se te reembolse el importe íntegro, cancela con al menos 24 horas de antelación a la fecha de inicio de la actividad.
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    • conductor y guía
    • Traslado de ida y vuelta al hotel
    • Traslado en monovolumen con aire acondicionado

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    • Comida y bebida
  • 9/10

    Recomendación de los pasajeros 90%
    Rating basado en 17 Críticas verificadas

    Nuestros clientes

    • redeemed_96
      Publicado el Jueves, 19 de septiembre del 2019

      My tour guide was kind enough to let me know, the day before, that my pick-up time would be later than originally scheduled. I loved visiting each of the stops and getting the chance to walk around and enjoy each city. My guide also allowed us to have a little extra time in Antibes and pointed out two original Picasso paintings houses in a restaurant in St Paul de Vence.

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Francois A
      Publicado el Lunes, 08 de julio del 2019

      Arthur was our tour guide and he was very knowledgeable and friendly. I would recommend this tour to all.

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • emjj24
      Publicado el Lunes, 08 de julio del 2019

      I was nervous after reading other reviews but found this tour to be well worth the money and was able to see some great stops in the little time we were spending in the Nice area. The company was very accommodating. Recommended!

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • JUDY K
      Publicado el Miércoles, 03 de julio del 2019

      Wagner was a terrific guide. Knowledgeable about the places and history of each. Extremely pleasant and fun to be with. Day was truly enjoyable. St Paul-de-Vence was quaint and beautiful. Definitely a worthwhile tour. Highly recommend.

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Shona D
      Publicado el Lunes, 01 de abril del 2019

      Highly recommended. Great tour guide/driver. Sufficient time in each location and all worth seeing. Vehicle smaller than I expected but was comfortable. Definitely value for money.

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Ken W
      Publicado el Jueves, 27 de septiembre del 2018

      Fun tour to see some historic fun sites. Cannes has the beautiful hotels, luxury shopping, and the famous red carpet! Antibes was fun to walk thru and made it to the Picasso museum there too. St. Paul de Vence was our favorite!! Very beautiful historic old town on top of the hill with lovely shops and restaurants and awesome views-- a must see in France!

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Dottie
      Publicado el Viernes, 05 de enero del 2018

      This was a great tour! Rym was our driver and tour guide and it worked out perfectly as it was just me and one other lady on the tour. We even got to practice our French with her. I was glad that most of our time was spent in St. Paul de Vence because it was beautiful. I would recommend this tour.

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Heidi H
      Publicado el Viernes, 24 de noviembre del 2017

      This tour was wonderful! It would have been nice to have had another 30 minutes in Antibe to be able to see the Picasso museum.
      I think I would choose to skip Canne if it allowed time for this.
      St. Paul de Venice was incredible!! Another 30 minutes here would have been perfect!!!
      Great guide and tour!!

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Alisha Harland
      Publicado el Martes, 29 de agosto del 2017

      Perfect half day- I dont' think I would have enjoyed a full day so half day was perfect. I would love if they did a full day trip to St. Paul or an evening there to check out all the places to eat.

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Henry B
      Publicado el Viernes, 26 de mayo del 2017

      Enjoyable half day tour. Driver provided timely van pick-up and drop off. My wife and I were very comfortable. We visited Cannes walked along the famous film festival red carpet, then visited Antibes, and went through the old town and the market square to the 'port of billionaires with the top luxury yachts belonging to oil sheikhs or multinational companies. We also visited Saint-Paul-De-Vence. Overall a very nice tour.

        Calificación General: 10/10
    • Andrew S
      Publicado el Lunes, 30 de septiembre del 2019

      Your guide and logistics are fine but there isn’t enough time to look around. On average you are given 30 minutes before meeting up. I recommend extending ur by 2-3 hours, include time for lunch so you are not just walking through each town.

        Calificación General: 8/10
    • jinglesb17
      Publicado el Lunes, 02 de septiembre del 2019

      We enjoyed this half day excursion to Cannes, etc. but was a bit quick. Spent more time in Antibes and St. Paul De Vence rather than Cannes which is a larger city and more touristy. Our guide which basically drives you to the sites, did a good job of pointing out info in the van that was nice to know. We recommend it but it is a quickie..

        Calificación General: 8/10
    • Florence S
      Publicado el Lunes, 30 de septiembre del 2019

      Just waned to see Cannes, not enough time spent there. Antibes and St, Paul de Vence lots of shops and restaurants just to spend money, Did not interest me.

        Calificación General: 6/10
    • Ashwin U
      Publicado el Miércoles, 03 de julio del 2019

      Overall, the trip was good and we got to see all the key locations in a very time efficient way. Would have loved to spend a little more time at St Paul De Vence. Also, the tour company needs to help the guides with a mic so he / she is audible at the back of the car. We couldn't hear any information since we were sitting at the back. The drop off was not at the hotel, but at some common point, so you need to ensure that travelers get dropped back to the hotel.

        Calificación General: 6/10
    • Dianna M
      Publicado el Lunes, 21 de octubre del 2019

      St Paul de Vance should be at least 2 hrs, Cannes, from what we saw, could have been deleted all together, Antibes had a nice port but if you want to see old town, Picasso museum and port, you are out of luck.

        Calificación General: 4/10
    • Ellis T
      Publicado el Lunes, 19 de agosto del 2019

      The “driver-guide”, who never introduced herself properly to us, was lacking enthusiasm. Rather than properly introducing Nice and Cannes or the other destinations, she played music for 20 mins during the drive to Cannes and said none of us were interested in the history of Cannes.
      She also “took a short cut” up the hill to “avoid traffic” after leaving the highway on the way to Cannes. Instead of the lovely seaside and beaches of Cannes, we only saw residential areas. At the stop of Cannes we got to see the venue for the film festival for 20 minutes . No time or chance was given to experience or take photos of the beach or seaside of Cannes. For the rest of our journey in the city, the driver merely drove past the city at full speed, feeding our minds whenever our group mates asked.

      At Antibes, the driver gave brief introductions and wasn't polite towards any further questions. The time at Antibes was somewhat adequate for a very brief idea of the town.
      At St. Paul de Vence, we had no chance to take photos of the whole village from afar, as the driver always seemed to make haste. She was also murmuring to herself as she ‘unfold’ the story of the town. Her lacklustre introduction was sheer perfunctory.
      The time allowed for each place was very limited as she said in a strict tone that no one should be late. It's always like we were procrastinators. We wondered why it was a half day tour if the time was inadequate.
      Unlike other tours we joined in Nice, she did not walk us along any place. She only assumed her role as chauffeur.
      It's the only scar in our stay in Nice!

        Calificación General: 4/10
    • Sharon S
      Publicado el Martes, 12 de marzo del 2019

      We tried to call and email the company. We got n o response. They never asked for hotel name. I am going to report viator for fraud when I return to the USA.

        Calificación General: 2/10

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